Person-centred consultancy at the intersection of people, information and technology

Stephann has undertaken consultancy projects for several high-profile organisations including the BBC, Allianz, UCL, LexisNexis, the British Library, Marie Curie Cancer Care, United Response and Help the Hospices.

His person-centred approach involves understanding how people currently interact with information-rich technologies as well as their current and future technology needs. It then involves making suggestions or design interventions to support or improve support for their needs.

Stephann provides thought-provoking, influential design leadership that saves organisations money by:
  • Resulting in a deeer understanding of the work environment and the role information-rich technologies currently plays and haveĀ  potential to play in it.
  • Improving the design of current information-rich technologies to make them more useful, easy to use and the user experience more engaging and enriching.
  • Making suggestions for the design of new, novel information-rich technologies aimed at being useful, usable, engaging and enriching.

Examples of consultancy projects that Stephann can lead include those that gain a detailed understanding of:

  • Peoples' work tasks and environment to inform requirements for new information-rich technolgies or the improvement of existing technologies.
  • Peoples' technology-related needs and/or interactive behaviour - also to inform the design of new or improvement of existing technology. These types of projects often involve in-depth interviews and observations of technology use.
  • Requirements for new information-rich technologies from potential users.
  • Requirements for the improvement of existing information-rich technologies.

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