Changed your opinion about something important? Participate in our research!

We are conducting research into the role of digital information on changing peoples' opinions or perspectives. So if you've changed views on an issue that is important to you and digital information (e.g. on the Web, social media) played an important role in the change, we'd like to speak to you.

It can be any issue that's important to you; examples might include (but are not at all limited to), changing your view on:

  • Food: Whether or not to eat meat (i.e. becoming vegetarian or vegan, or stopping vegetarianism/veganism)

  • Politics: Which political party you support

  • Brexit: Whether you would prefer to leave or remain in the EU

  • Environment: Whether or not you think climate change is caused by humans

  • Health: Whether or not to vaccinate yourself or your child

  • Parenting: How much ‘screen time’ to allow children to have on TVs, phones etc.

  • Sports: Which sporting team you support

  • Technology: Whether or not you think driverless cars are safe

We'd ask you to avoid issues that you might find upsetting to discuss, or anything illegal though. Digital information must have played an important (but not necessarily central) role in you changing views on this issue.


Study format: 45 minute interview, with the option of demonstrating the role digital information environments (e.g. the Web, Social media) played in changing your view

Location: Remotely on Skpe or Google Hangouts, with shared screen or at a public London location to suit you

Study dates: 11th-19th July (daytime or early evening)

Incentive: £10 Amazon voucher (or other online voucher of your choice)

Interviews will be audio recorded and screen recordings or screenshots taken of your use of digital information environments.


Please contact Thanks in advance for your help!

This study has been approved by the City, University of London Department of Computer Science Research Ethics Committee (reference ETH1819-1853).