Research Interests

Human Information Interaction: Examining peoples' interactions with information, to inform the design of novel technologies. This involves understanding how people find digital information (both actively and passively/serendipitously) and how they interpret and make use of it for their work, everyday lives and higher-order purposes such as creativity and knowledge creation. This also involves using this understanding to inform the design of new and improvement of existing digital information environments, by designing and making design suggestions for how digital information tools can best support peoples’ information needs, tasks and behaviour. Finally, this involves evaluating digital information environments to ensure they are successful in helping people find information they know they need, discover information they need but not know they need, while providing an engaging and enriching user (and information) experience.

Selected Publications

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In Focus: Stephann's Research on Designing to Support Serendipity

Stephann talks serendipity in a secret London bar

A 'serendipity story' from Stephann's research

View more illustrated 'serendipity stories' on Stephann's YouTube channel. You can also read other peoples' memorable examples of serendipity and share your own at Stephann's serendipity stories collection,